Do you want to add a new room in your home? Is your home getting smaller as your family grows?   Another thought that may be going on in your mind may be selling your home and buying another one. Wait there is another unexplored option for you.  Another very economical way which  a home owner may consider may be carrying out home addition. You can rent the newly created space and use it to increase your income.  Also, if you are thinking of selling your property in the future, additional space will fetch you a good price.


A home addition project is more than remodeling a home. It will increase your home's value. If you are thinking of hiring a home renovation contractor, consider the following questions to ensure a successful project:


The First step.

Create a plan for the Home Additions in Toronto project.   You need to make sure that the design is pleasing. It should complement the current structure and look like a part of your home. To avoid common construction errors, hire an experienced home renovation contractor as he will create additional space that you want without making any costly mistakes.


What Different Home Addition Projects you can undertake?

In order to add extra space to one's home, there are a variety of ways that should be considered. Of major decision is the budget that one has and the home design that one has before making the final decision. Here are a couple of home addition projects that you can discuss with the contractor:


o Adding an extra room.

o Adding an extra bathroom if there is only one bathroom in your home.

An Extra room above the garage.


Will the Project increase the Property Value?

Home addition projects can add value if you consider selling your home in the future. The resale value of the house therefore shoots up. Thus, before undertaking any home addition project, you need to consider what areas might fetch you a good return. It may be very beneficial if one adds another bathroom in a room that only has one.


Deciding  the Cost Factor

When you plan your budget for a home addition project, consider factors such as cost per square feet and the size of the project.  It is important to note that the larger the area the higher its costs. The costs involved include those incurred in demolition, flooring, excavation, remodeling among others. Get an estimate here!


Is there a need to hire a professional

Whether one should hire a professional should be dependent on the complexity of work at hand. Handyman is a viable option if you want to make simple changes to a room.  A professional renovation contractor should be hired if the project is complex.



The professional contractor should have all the relevant licenses and insurance. It is possible to love your home but feel that the living space is insufficient for your comfort.  In such a situation, a home addition project can help you in creating an additional living space in your home.